As a single mother of two school going kids I had to face a lot of hardships and hurdles in my way. The everyday bustle just drains so much of our energy that it gets difficult to keep up with everyday life. In this situation one of the most crucial thing is to keep your household utensils and kitchen appliances up to date, efficient and productive. During my tough schedule I can’t afford to waste time in unwanted and irritating issues.

This used to happen with me when my old blender used to get stuck and shuts down every time even by a slightly hardened or a tough piece of ingredient, its blades were staring to bend and their sharpness was not the same. It often ruined the moments at the eleventh hour and became a morning hassle for me and to top it all of one day something stuck in the blade and the motor got so heated that it burnt out! My Blender had already stopped performing though it was not that old and I felt the need to get a new one but this time I didn’t want to suffer like I did last time. I wanted to buy a supreme quality product which has longevity and efficiency rather than buying the cheap ones again and again which made my life worse and puts unnecessary strain. You can check Best Vitamix Blender reviews from the linked site.


So What I did was I asked my friends, family and started searching online for the best blenders. The most common and repetitive name that I heard in the conversation was of “Vitamix”. People recommended me this blender and told me that it will fix all my Kitchen hassles in a snap. So, after doing a little research I bought this blender called “Vitamix A3500”,  This blender is genuinely a piece of art, It’s the only blender in Vitamix’s new and fresh Ascent line that incorporates every single accessible component and advancement that series has to offer.


This machine has so many features that it’s hard to cover all of its aspects. The Ascent A3500 has five built-in program settings for hot soups, ice cold sweets, shakes, juices, plunges, spreads, smoothies and even includes self-cleaning ability. Furthermore, it has 10 variable speed controls and a touch Display and advanced time meter. The Engine and Pulse feature both are quite incredible. All the controls are contact screen, with the exception of the speed control. It also has company fitted wireless connection set up.

The Vitamix Ascent A3500 blender will dazzle you even by its appearance. It has a transparent see through jar closed by a Lid and a modern design base. It mixes effortlessly and its reliable performance always gives the best outcomes. This has truly changed my life and solved my everyday problems. Now I don’t panic in the morning. I comfortably makes smoothies and shakes for me and my kids without the worry of cleaning it up afterwards. Vitamix A3500 Really get things done in an Instant!