My name is James Franklin and I am 26 years old.   Wish to share my commitment with MyProteins with all of you, especially which offers 50% Off Myprotein discount code.

In this hectic era, like all others it is very difficult for me to spare some time for my personal physical growth and maintain my body in good shape.   Going to gym regularly is a difficult task for me, despite I want to spend some time there.  Nobody in my friends circle has the habit of going to gym and I depend on others to come along me for the gym activity. 

I am planning to get married in the next six months, and before that I desperately need my personality to be more attractive and fit.   I start searching alternates or at least some motivation in order for me to get in to the possibility of improving my muscles.   I could not get through the required basic information as I am not very good in IT and computer, which increase my worry more.

Somehow I get to know from one of my friend about the Protein Drinks and he suggest me to start taking MyProtein daily, which will not only keep me fit but also help me in keeping my mind fresh.  On his recommendation, I reviewed the MyProtein Products and selected MyProtein “Wait Gainer Blend” as an initial course.  

The delivery was made smoothly within 24 hours and I start drinking a glass of MyProtein Wait Gainer Blend in the morning daily and skip morning tea.  The product was available in different flavors and I ordered my favorite Chocolate flavor, so that I can enjoy the Protein as per my taste.   I took the MyProtein for almost a month and can really see the difference as my mind is more focused and I can feel the alertness in my body as well.   The products were more attractive as it gives me a 50% Off Myprotein discount code which was another reason why I was convinced to try this protein.

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In the next phase that is after one month, I again visited the MyProtein products and start searching my desired vitamins where I found Omega-3 Plus Vitamins, which could feel my best, through inside-out.  Like their standards, I got the order at my doorstep next day and I start taking the Vitamins as per guidelines provided by MyProtein.

The usage of Vitamins and Proteins for only two months has made an positive impact not only on my daily schedule but also I start feeling fresh at home, office and with my social circle.  My efficiency at my work place increases which is also noticed by my colleagues and my seniors.   The appreciation from my seniors further motivates me of my best and I start taking challenges of putting my best in others departments as well.

After one more month i.e. three months after taking the proteins and vitamins, I wish to improve my muscles vitality as well and I again visited the MyProtein page where I found the Muscle Vitality Vitamins to which I am more interested.  Similar procedure was followed and I got the Vitamins within 24 hours with all the guidelines for usage and maintenance of muscles in good shape.

The results were unexplainable and unacceptable.  My inner and outer look changes to 180 degree and I feel the positively myself.

Nothing special here, I can only curse myself for not using the Proteins & Vitamins before, as I should have gone through the MyProteins much before, to avoid unnecessary negative thoughts on my mind.

Thanks you MyProteins.